About Us

Welcome to the Center of Reducing Health Disparities website. Thank you for taking your time to know about us.

Health is a fundamental human right. The World Health Organization claims that "the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race religion, political belief, economic or social condition".

Health disparities refr to preventalbe inequities in health status and access to health services across different population groups. When vulnerable opulations in our society bear a persistent, disprportionate burden of diseases, premature deaths, or barriers in access to health services, it is an issue not only for them and their families, but for all of us.

Equity and social justice is the soul of public health. Reducing and ultimately eliminating health disparities is a cause that requires our passion, skills, and most important of all, a willingness to work together. At the Center for Reducing Health Disparities, we would welcome collaborative efforts to generate, disseminate, and implement evidence-based solutions to health inequities.

Vision of the Center

To become a nationally-recognized Center of Excellence for promoting health equity through quality research, education, and community engagement.

Mission of the Center

To promote equity and social justice in health and health care by leading collaborative efforts to generate and disseminate evidence-based, policy-relevant solutions.