PR Services

The Public Relations Department offers numerous services to help you promote your college, school, department or organization. Not sure where to start? Select your topic from the list below, or download the information here.

Graphic/Brand Identity  

Need help with design services?

Have questions about UNMC’s graphic identity?

Need to create a PowerPoint presentation or scientific poster?


Need help building your website?

Need Cascade Server training?

Interested in creating an eNewsletter?

Social Media  

Want to join the social media world, but don’t know where to start?

Marketing & Writing  

Need help incorporating brand messages into a communication piece?

Need marketing advice?


Need event planning advice?

Need to schedule a room or the events center for your event?


Interested in getting one of your faculty members out in the community?

Media & Publications  

Think you might have a story or news release for the media?

Has someone from the media contacted you about a UNMC story?

Need training on how to talk to the media?

Need a media release form?

Signage & Give-aways  

Need lapel pins (or other items) to give away?

  • Public Relations: 402.559.4353

Need a UNMC display for a conference, event, etc?

Videography & Photography  

Need to take a photograph or hire a photographer?

Need a photograph?

  • Check online photo database
  • If you can’t find what need, call Karen Burbach (PR)
Campus Tours  

Interested in student/public tours?