Nebraska Pharmacy Technician Certification

We’re thrilled to offer education focused on advancing the pharmacy technician profession through state-specific certification. The Nebraska Pharmacy Technician Certification design is driven by the ability of the employed pharmacy technician to gain practice-specific foundation knowledge and skills at the right conditions, the right time, and the right location. This is accomplished through online modules which allow for on-demand lecture and learning tools with a work at your own pace schedule. Online module learning is blended with instructional availability for one-on-one assistance along with a scheduled campus visit to maximize the depth and quality of educational content and overall participant experience.

The path to Nebraska Pharmacy Technician Certification begins with completion of one prerequisite module, 5 foundation modules and 2 elective modules. After online module completion there is a campus visit for active-learning and award of Certification for participants who are successful in completion of these components. No additional testing required.

There are many unique aspects to the Nebraska Pharmacy Technician Certification offering such as the ability to complete modules at your own pace, an on-demand format, and elective modules that fit participant practice needs. However the true strength of the Certification offering lies with the experts who provide content delivery. A group of nine University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy faculty who are experts within their topic field have prepared content material that is pertinent, innovative, and informative. Module content also includes industry professional guest lecturers who practice in various pharmacy settings throughout Nebraska and Iowa.