District 32

Legislative District #32

245 Health professionals in your district have graduated from UNMC.

15 UNMC employees currently live in your district.

26 Current students graduated from high school in your district.

24 UNMC preceptors help train UNMC students in a clinical setting in your district.

Through the TeamSTEPPS program, professionals from the College of Allied Health Professions implement and evaluate the effect of teamwork training on the safety culture of 63 Nebraska hospitals, including hospitals in your district.

Children’s Dental Day provides free comprehensive dental care for at-risk children. More than $2.5 million in services has been delivered through the event. UNMC’s College of Dentistry has held the event twice a year since 2001.

The Munroe-Meyer Institute provides pediatric behavioral health clinics for children who need mental health services. For more information, visit www.unmc.edu/mmi/behavioral.