Nurse Leader/Executive Advanced Development (LEAD)

LEAD: Who's it for?

A program for all RNs who want to develop as leaders, managers, administrator, and executives.

There is a strong demand for nurse leaders in all types of health care organizations with advanced knowledge and skills. These nurse leaders are needed to develop and sustain systems of care that ensure the delivery of quality, safe, and effective care that results in improved patient outcomes across the care continuum.

The LEAD program has 3 pathways to your master's degree or postmaster's certificate

The next level of nursing professionalism brings you multiple benefits

LEAD will increase your expertise, expand your skills and equip you with new credentials to advance your career. It will prepare you to help lead nursing into the next generation. The benefits are several:

The LEAD program offers a flexible distance/online curriculum to fit your schedule

The program is delivered using advanced web-based applications, including synchronous (real time) and asynchronous classes (web-based). All classes are accessible from your home or work setting as well as from our 5 campus sites. Support for students includes technical support, multiple learning resources, and student-teacher interaction using a variety of distance strategies.  

Complete clinical requirements locally

Clinical requirements may be satisfied in your community or one nearby, using local preceptors.  

Full or part-time study options

Program start date – application due date

The LEAD program admits students twice annually. Application due dates and program start dates follow the twice-annual MSN/PMC schedule – see key dates/calendar.  

Admission steps/requirements

LEAD admission requirements follow respective-level College program admission criteria, as follows:

Questions about the LEAD program?