Advanced Web-based Learning

Student-centered distance education for Nebraska, U.S. and globe

The College has long been a leader in distance learning technologies and technical support systems for students. From the beginnings of the digital age, our mission was to reach all Nebraska — a large, primarily rural state in which students often don't live within an easy commute of our five border-to-border nursing campuses.

Digital education knows no boundaries — and we long ago extended web-based learning convenience to students across the nation and world.  

Anytime, anywhere: learning comes to you by mouse, trackpad and mobile touch-screen

We offer multiple web-based resources for:

Most of our learning resources are available on-demand 24-7.  

Group and individual online classes: synchronous and asynchronous

Some online classes are synchronous — meaning live, together, at same fixed time. This gives students the advantages of virtual 'being there' for group learning, immediate interaction and teacher feedback.

Other online classes are asynchronous — offering you the convenience and flexibility of independent study at a time of your choosing. You also set your own start-stop-continue pace.  

Advanced platforms — top learning interface applications

UNMC employs cutting-edge learning communications, delivery and information exchange software — including the Canvas Learning System and educational applications from Microsoft, Codian, online conferencing and more.

Like health care technologies, learning technologies constantly evolve and change. What won't change is our commitment to deliver advanced nursing curriculum through the most advanced web applications available.  

Your personal nursing library: a vast digital resource at your fingertips

UNMC's McGoogan Library of Medicine puts a vast searchable storehouse of nursing information, articles, books, research and practice guidelines at your keyboard — including the PubMed, CINAHL, Medline, PyschINFO and Web of Science databases plus the Google Scholar research tool.

The McGoogan Library is your personal distance portal to the world of nursing literature. Among UNMC graduate nursing students, the saying is: 'Don't just Google it. McGoogan it.'  

Distance learning support: instructional designers, instructional technologists and UNMC's IT help desk

The mission of College of Nursing's instructional designers is to bring learning alive — to make it dynamic, collaborative and interactive, to connect student and teacher — by leveraging advanced web-based applications to advance the transfer of knowledge.

Our instructional technologists help online resources and distance systems work smoothly for all, including front-end guidance and connections testing for web conferencing.

See technology support for distance education computer requirements, an evaluator for your current computer, Canvas Learning System support and information on UNMC's IT help desk.