Nebraska Family Military Leave Act

The Nebraska Unicameral enacted the Nebraska Family Military Leave Act effective April 4, 2007.  Effective immediately, UNMC will implement the Nebraska Family Military Leave Act by providing unpaid leave to qualifying University employees who are spouses or parents of military service members under federal or state deployment orders.

Qualifying employees shall include any employee who:

  1. has been employed by the University of Nebraska for at least twelve months

  2. has provided at least one thousand two hundred fifty (1,250) hours of service during the twelve-month period immediately preceding the commencement of the leave

  3.  is the spouse or parent of a person called to military service lasting over one hundred seventy-nine days or longer with the state or United States pursuant to the orders of the Governor or the President of the United States

Requests for Family Military Leave may be made to the employee's immediate supervisor any time the deployment orders are in effect. Employees requesting five (5) or more consecutive days of Family Military Leave shall provide at least fourteen calendar day's prior notice, and where able, will consult with the supervisor to schedule leave to avoid work disruptions. For leave of less than five (5) consecutive days, employees shall give advance notice as practical. Certification/proof of the call to service, from the proper military authority, may be required.

Maximum leave allowable under the Family Military Leave Policy shall be thirty (30) working days of unpaid leave. The employee may elect to apply accrued vacation leave, compensatory time off, or floating or banked holiday during the leave period.

Employees involved in any of the University of Nebraska insured benefit programs may continue to participate in said programs and will receive continued employer contributions for the period of the leave. They are, however, responsible for their employee contributions required to maintain those benefits when on an unpaid status.

Upon expiration of the leave, the employee is entitled to be restored to the position held prior to commencement of leave or to an equivalent position.

If you have any question regarding the Family Military Leave please contact Sandy Leslie at 559-4217.