The Spring 2019 Intramural Season at UNMC is in progress

*The reduced Team Fee is only available if paid BY Friday, February 15

Spring 2019 Indoor Leagues




Team Cost 

Until 2/15
After 2/15
Co-ed Basketball
Elite (D1) Mondays $85 $100
Matball (8v8)
(Big Base Kickball)
Rec (D2) $40 $55
Volleyball (6v6) 
Elite(D1) Rec(D2) Tuesdays $95 $110
Basketball (5v5) 
Elite(D1) Wednesdays $115 $130
Futsal (6v6)
(Indoor Soccer)
Elite(D1) Thursdays $95 $110

Teams may register at a reduced rate if the registration fee is paid at the front desk of the UNMC Center for Healthy Living by time of close (7:59 pm) on Friday, February 15. Any team that pays after February 15 must pay the full registration fee.

Indoor Sports

February - April, 2019