The Spring 2018 season of Intramural Pickleball is complete, HOWEVER, Intramural Pickleball will continue outdoors during the Summer 2018 season.

Registration is open for Outdoor Pickleball!

Register by Sunday, May 6* to guarantee your spot (*the registration deadline has been extended through May 6)

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Intramural Pickleball - Outdoor Court - UNMC Center for Healthy Living

General Information

About Pickleball

A fascinating blend of Tennis and Ping Pong, Pickleball is the best sport you've never played. Pickleball matches are contested by teams of 2 players using a paddle and a wiffle ball on a badminton court. Pickleball is easy for beginners to learn, with many first-time players discovering they are naturals. Yet, with it's high ceiling for mastery, Pickleball matches can quickly become fast-paced and competitive allowing more experienced players ample challenge.

League Play
The inaugural season of Outdoor Pickleball at UNMC will be played at the heart of the UNMC campus on the Ice Rink at the Scott Student Plaza. Equipment will be provided by the Center for Healthy Living, although participants are welcome to use their own equipment if they desire. The season will be composed of 4 weeks of round-robin play followed by a post-season playoff tournament. The winner of the playoff tournament will be awarded the Summer 2018 Championship T-Shirt. In the event of inclement weather, games will be played indoors in the gymnasium at the Center for Healthy Living.

Depending on enrollment, the league will be divided into more than one division based on level of play.

Never Played? No Problem!

Players of all skill levels are welcome. Each season sees its share of beginners with little or no prior experience. The video below gives a brief overview of the essential rules of the game.


How to sign up

  1. A team captain must sign up online through EZLeagues (click here to sign up now)
  2. Once a captain has created a team, he or she must:
    1. Complete a roster form (available here)
    2. Save all changes
    3. Submit the roster form to the intramural coordinator by email (alec.carstens@unmc.edu) or deliver it to the front desk of the Center for Healthy Living

If you encounter any issues, please direct any questions to the Intramural Coordinator (alec.carstens@unmc.edu) or to the Center for Healthy Living front desk (402-559-5254).

Who may sign up?

Registration for Intramural Pickleball is open to UNMC/Nebraska Medicine staff, faculty, students volunteers, retirees, and the spouse/parents/children (aged 18 or older) of someone who belongs to any of the previously mentioned groups.

In addition, individuals who don't belong to any of the previously mentioned groups may participate. The number of non-UNMC/Nebraska Medicine individuals allowed on a team is subject to sport-specific limitations. In this case, Pickleball teams must always have one UNMC/Nebraska Medicine individual (although that person may have more than 1 non-UNMC/Nebraska Medicine individual as a partner).

If you encounter any issues, please direct any questions to the Intramural Coordinator (alec.carstens@unmc.edu) or to the Center for Healthy Living front desk (402-559-5254).

Indoor Pickleball

Indoor Pickleball leagues are held during the Spring and Fall Intramural seasons. Information about the Fall 2018 Indoor Pickleball season will be made available July 2018. Information about the previous season of IM Pickleball may be found below.

UNMC Men's Pickleball Doubles

General Information - Spring 2018

Click here to see the Spring 2018 IM Pickleball season on EZleagues:

The Spring 2018 Pickleball league consisted of 8 weeks of round-robin play followed by a two-week, single-elimination playoff tournament on April 5 and April 12. All league participants gain automatic entry into the playoff tournament. Seeding for the tournament is determined by a player's/team's competitive record during the round-robin phase of the season. The the Intramural Championship T-Shirts are awarded the the winners of the post-season playoff tournament.

Congratulations to Van Sanderfer and Craig Driver of "Dinking Problems" for their championship and successful title defense!

If you have any questions, please direct them to the Intramural Coordinator by email at alec.carstens@unmc.edu.