Fall Sports

2019 Fall Intramurals are in Progress!

Indoor Intramural Leagues - UNMC Center for Healthy Living

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Sport Sign Up! Day Games
(per team)
Pickleball link Monday 30 min $10
Dodgeball link 30 min $25
Volleyball link Tuesday 45 min $75
Basketball link Wednesday 60 min $90
Badminton link 30 min $10
Indoor Soccer link Thursday 45 min $75


Indoor Leagues - UNMC Center for Healthy Living

General Information

The Fall 2019 Indoor season will run October - November, and all leagues will conclude by November 21 (the week before Thanksgiving Break). The season will consist of a 5-week round-robin, followed by a 2-week playoff tournament that will take place November 11- November 21.

Intramural participants do not need a gym membership to participate in intramural leagues; gym access for non-members for intramural league games is included with the registration fee.Fall 2019 Indoor Leagues will be played October 8 - November 21 at the Center for Healthy Living.


Pickleball (2v2)
Duration:  6 Weeks
Divisions:  Elite & Recreational
Games:  30 min (play to 11 pts, best 2 of 3)
Time:  5:00 - 8:00 PM
Start:  October 14
Team Fee: $10

Dodgeball (6v6)
Duration:  6 Weeks
Divisions:  Recreational
Games:  30 min 
Time:  5:00 - 9:00 PM
Start:  October 14
Team Fee: $25



Volleyball (6v6)
Duration:  7 Weeks
Divisions:  Elite & Recreational
Games:  45 min (play to 25 pts, best 2 of 3)
Time:  5:15 - 9:45 PM
Start:  October 8
Team Fee: $75


Basketball (5v5)
Duration:  7 Weeks
Divisions:  Mens & Co-Ed
Games:  60 min (two 20-minute halves)
Time:  5:00 - 10:00 PM
Start:  October 9
Team Fee: $90

Badminton (2v2)
Duration:  6 Weeks
Games:  30 min
Time:  5:00 - 8:00 PM
Start:  October 16
Team Fee: $10



Indoor Soccer (Futsal) (5v5)
Duration:  7 Weeks
Divisions:  Elite & Recreational
Games:  30 min (two 12-minute halves)
Time:  5:30 - 9:00 PM
Start:  October 10
Team Fee: $75


Competitive Divisions

Competition in many of the leagues is offered at two separate levels in order to accommodate players of all skill levels. That means that one team will only play other teams who elect to play in the same division. The divisions are described below

Elite (Division 1) - Participants on Elite-division teams are generally more experienced and play at a faster, more competitive pace.

Recreational (Division 2) - Participants on Recreational-division teams are generally more interested in playing for fun. Games are competitive, but are not played at as high of a competitive standard as Elite-division games.

League Registration:

All league participants must register through EZLeagues.

Participants will not be asked to create an account or password. Simply fill out the relevant information and click submit.

All teams must must pay the registration fee at the front desk of the Center for Healthy Living for their registration to be considered complete! 

Registration Fees:

The registration fee covers all costs associated with the league, including facility access for league participants and spectators for the purposes of scheduled league games. Participants do not need to have a membership to the Center for Healthy Living in order to participate in intramural leagues. 

The registration fee must be paid in full at the front desk of the Center for Healthy Living (CFHL) by the registration deadline. Any team that has not paid the registration fee in full by the registration deadline will be responsible for paying a $15 late fee added to the league registration fee. 


Refunds for Intramural Leagues are available up to seven calendar days before the first scheduled date of play. No refunds will be given after that point.

For More Information:

Email the Campus Recreation Coordinator (alec.carstens@unmc.edu) or call the Center for Healthy Living (402-559-5254).