Intramural Sports

Registration is NOW OPEN for Spring 2018 leagues!

You may now sign up for the Spring 2018 seasons of your favorite Team & Singles/Doubles Leagues! Each league will consist of 8 weeks of round-robin play followed by a single-elimination playoff tournament. Can't decide on just one league? Participants are invited to join as many leagues as they'd like.

Intramural Volleyball - UNMC Center for Healthy LivingIntramural Basketball - UNMC Center for Healthy LivingIntramural Volleyball - UNMC Center for Healthy Living

Team Sports

Day of Week

Team Fee

Play Starts

Futsal (Indoor Soccer) Sun. $95 January 28
Matball (Indoor Kickball) Mon. $30 February 12
Volleyball (Tuesday) Tue. $95 January 30
Basketball Wed. $115 January 31
Volleyball (Thursday) Thu. $95 February 1

Singles/Doubles Sports

Day of Week


Play Starts

Badminton Mon. *$5 February 5
Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Wed. *$5 February 7
Pickleball Thu. *$5 February 8

* = cost per person. This season, singles/doubles sports will cost $5 per person per league. Individuals will be charged $5 for each singles/doubles league they join. This means that each team in a doubles league will be charged $10 ($5 for each participant). 


Each league will have a champion which will be determined either by their competitive record during the season or based on the results of a post-season tournament. Champions will receive an intramural championship t-shirt. New shirt designs are released every season. Championship shirts are moisture wicking and awarded at no additional cost to league champions.
Championship T-Shirts