Class Description

Each class includes a warm-up, abdominal exercises and a cool-down with flexibility. Because the warm-up is vital in preparing the body for exercise, we recommend you be on time for class to prevent injuries. If at any time you do not feel well during class please notify your instructor immediately. Not all classes are available year around.

Have a great work out and most important - listen to your body!

Are you looking for a challenge? Do you need to shake up your workout routine? Plyo Circuit is a high intensity, high impact class that combines plyometrics, weight training, and circuit training to improve your speed, agility, cardiovascular endurance, and balance. By combining these activities, Plyo Circuit will get you into shape while helping you gain muscle and shed pounds. You will NEVER do the same workout twice! Muscle confusion and challenge is key to your improvement. Plyo Circuit incorporates all types of movements and equipment to help keep your body from plateauing.
A NEW ADDITION to the class includes a tracking sheet to help you monitor your improvements and keep track of your achievements. You can track when you come to class, weight and inches lost, number of pushups or sit-ups completed, goals, and improvements in weight lifted and repetitions completed, and much more! This class is fast paced and movements can be modified but is geared toward those at an intermediate or advanced level of fitness.

Learn proper techniques and foundations of kickboxing in this high energy cardio class. The 2nd portion will focus on core exercises for abdominals and glutes. End the action packed workout with a relaxing cool down and stretching.

The workout will focus on building muscle tone and stamina, while increasing flexibility, and improving balance.

The Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning, FEEL IT TO THE CORE, fitness activity

Step & Sculpt
Bring on the step benches! Cardio portion of class for heart and lungs using the step benches. 2nd portion of class will be sculpting the muscles for a Total Body Conditioning.