E-Learning Steering Committee and Advisory Board

UNMC E-Learning Steering Committee

Dele H. Davies (CHAIR)
Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Tom Birk
Senior Instructional Designer, ITS Learning Environment Internet Services

David Brown
Executive Associate Dean, College of Dentistry

Heather Brown
Associate Professor, McGoogan Library of Medicine

Alicia Diener
Student, Member of Student Senate

Alissa Fial
Assistant Professor, McGoogan Library of Medicine

Karen Grigsby
Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Nursing

Suhasini Kotcherlakota
Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology, College of Nursing

Howard Liu
Director of UNMC Faculty Development Programs

Linda Love
Coordinator, Faculty Development

Jay Moore
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Medicine

Dan Moser
Associate Director, ITS Learning Environment Social Media Group

Mary Niemiec
Director, University of Nebraska Online Worldwide
Associate Vice President, University of Nebraska Distance Education

Alice Schumaker
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Public Health

Janice Tompkins
Director of Academic and Student Affairs, School of Allied Health Professions

Gary Yee
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Pharmacy


E-Learning External Advisory Board

Charles Prober
Senior Associate Dean, Medical Education
College of Medicine
Stanford University

Brad Fenwick
Senior Vice President
Elsevier Journals

Ray Shroeder
Associate Vice Chancellor for Online Learning
Center for Online Learning
University of Illinois at Springfield