Youth and Family Partnerships

Overcoming Behavioral Health Challenges

60 minutes

Description: Tanner Mangum, BYU Quarterback, shares his story about accessing behavioral health services and overcoming depression and anxiety with the help of counseling and medication management. As a mental health advocate, he shares his experiences in hopes of decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging others to reach out.

SAMHSA: Materials for Families and Youth

PDF Resource

Current Issues in Family-Driven Care: Caregiver Stress

60 minutes

Person-Centered Planning and Family-Driven Care

60 minutes

Increasing Family Voice in the Juvenile Justice System

60 minutes

What is Person-Centered Care?

3 minutes

Operationalizing Youth Driven (Youth Move National)

90 minutes

Parent Support Services: Models of Service Delivery (TA Network)

90 minutes

Beyond the Front Door: A Webinar on Family Voice (created by TX SOC)

70 minutes

Elevating the Voice of Persons with Lived Experience in Trauma Informed Systems (from TX SOC)

90 minutes

Nothing About Us Without Us: Family and Youth Voice in the SOC Framework (TX SOC)

80 minutes

Creating Trauma-Informed, Family-Driven SOC

40 minutes

Creating Trauma-Informed, Youth-Driven SOC

45 minutes