Education Awards

Impact in Education Awards

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs created seven Impact in Education Awards to recognize the dedication and ingenuity of our educators. Award categories include innovation, leadership, mentorship, service, interprofessional, and research.

Recipients receive award funds, recognition at the annual award ceremony, and their name displayed on a plaque in the Academic Affairs office. (Please note, award funds are to be used for professional development within two years after being awarded.)


This year's award recipients are highly encouraged to attend the Impact in Education Awards Ceremony held on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please contact Robin Jaeckel.

Here is a list of the Impact in Education Awards:

Faculty Awards  Educator Laureate

This is the highest recognition given by UNMC and, as such, can only be awarded one time to the same individual. The award recognizes an individual with sustained achievement in education who has significantly improved the UNMC learning environment through the provision of outstanding educational experiences including creative and innovative teaching methods or technologies, competency-based learner assessments, educational publications, innovative learning environment, development of educational materials used by others, teaching awards, and national educator recognition.

Faculty Awards  Innovative Practices in Education

This award recognizes an individual who demonstrates ingenuity, courage and creativity in teaching including innovations in use of educational technology, experiential learning, new contributions to curriculum, adoption of simulation and creative use of the classroom, as well as an engaging presentation style.

Faculty Awards  Visionary Leadership in Education

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated the ability to skillfully establish or administer an educational initiative or role at UNMC or a national organization including developing a major course textbook, educational software, new educational programs either locally or nationally, or leading a major educational unit at UNMC.

Faculty Awards  Inspirational Mentor of Educators

This award recognizes an individual who has mentored and sponsored junior faculty or trainees at the local, regional, or national level including a consistent track record of fostering and mentoring future educators either locally or through working with regional or national organizations or in mentoring publications or educational programs.

Faculty Awards  Valor in Educational Service

This award recognizes volunteer, emeritus, or adjunct faculty whose daily service to our learners exemplifies the spirit of outstanding teaching or clinical supervision while creating a high-quality learning environment within or outside the classroom as evidenced by outstanding student evaluations.

Faculty Awards  Interprofessional Education Scholar

The award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to interprofessional education locally, regionally, or nationally through modeling of collaborative interaction with colleagues, creation of interprofessional teaching methods or learning environment, development of curriculum materials, receipt of local or national interprofessional teaching awards, or leadership in national interprofessional educational organizations.

Faculty Awards  Research in Education Scholar

This award recognizes an individual who has advanced the educational literature through peer-reviewed publications, educational grants, and original research or through editing a major textbook or educational journal or development of curricular materials used by other educational institutions.