UNMC's Plan

In November 2016, a peer review team from the Higher Learning Commission will conduct a site visit.  Prior to this site visit, the university will complete a comprehensive self-study to provide an evaluation and documentation of how it is meeting the five criteria established by the HLC.  The task of completing this evaluation is completed by various criterion work groups and an accreditation leadership team.  These groups are overseen by an Executive Steering Committee to ensure data is accurate and that all UNMC stakeholders are involved in this process, to the greatest extent possible.   Once the site visit is complete and recommendations are made from the site visit team, the accreditation work teams will assist in developing strategies where opportunities exist.

What is Your Role in Accreditation?

Re-Accreditation Work Flow

Preliminary planning of the HLC evaluation began in July 2014.  The Quality Initiative project was chosen and work teams for the self-study were selected and instructed as to their responsibilities and the timeline for completion.  The Quality Initiative is scheduled for completion in June 2016.  The work groups for the self-study have been hard at work, meeting or exceeding all deadlines per the timeline below.  Once these teams have gathered the documentation and data needed to demonstrate the university’s fulfillment of each criteria, these documents and information are submitted to the Accreditation Leadership Team.  This team then ensures the information is appropriate to the criterion and formulates a narrative for each criterion component, explaining what the data files demonstrate.  In November 2015, the entire first draft of the self-study evaluation was completed.

From November 2015 through July 2016, several iterations and edits will be made, and feedback sought from a wide range of university constituents.  The Accreditation Leadership Team will focus on completing all suggested and reasonable edits, and will ensure all links and documents are updated and working on the HLC Dashboard.  A final review by the Executive Steering Committee will be completed, and then the self-study document will be ready to submit prior to the Lock Date of Oct. 31, 2016.