Patient Care

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All patient examinations are interpreted by a dedicated radiologist within subspecialty areas.  The radiology department performs 250,000 exams on average per year.   Integrated voice recognition system results in rapid reporting.  UNMC Radiation Health Center is dedicated to the safety of all patients.  Advanced medical imaging is provided by state of the equipment.

State-of-the-art equipment includes:

  • CT Scanners
    GE 16-Slice (2)
    GE 64-Slice
    Siemens 2-Slice
  • MRI Scanners
    Philips 3T
    Philips 1.5T
    GE 3T
    GE 1.5T
  • PET/CT Scanner
    GE Discovery with 64-Slice CT
  • IR/Angiography rooms
    Siemens Single Plane Angiography
    Philips Bi-Plane Neuroangiography with CT (2)
    Philips Single Plane Angiography with CT

Referring Physicians
  • Radiologists:
  • CT Technologists
  • Interventional Radiology Technologists
  • Nuc Med Technologists
  • MR Technologists
    402- 559-1037
  • US Technologists
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