Ayre& Associates, Inc.

Darvin is president of Ayre & Associates, focusing his work in the areas of strategic planning, change management, leadership development and effective teaming. He has consulted and taught in a variety of private, public and non- profit environments throughout the U.S., central Europe, Asia and Africa.

Darvin has developed a community development consulting practice in over 50 U.S. communities and is the co- author of two books on community change and stakeholder involvement; Facilitating Community Change by Ayre, Clough and Norris (Grove Publishing, 2000) & Trendbenders: Building Healthy and Vital Communities, Ayre, Clough & Norris, (Published by the Health Research & Educational Trust, 2001). He was a senior associate with the National Civic League from 1991- 96.

In addition, Darvin works extensively in the private sector. He is faculty for Sun Microsystem's SunCAP (Change Acceptance Process), designed to help organizations manage change and innovation more effectively. He has also consulted with FMC, Inc. and NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) on their self-directed work team initiatives, and with Metavante Corporation's Break-Thru, a work flow reduction and bureaucracy- busting initiative.

Past & current clients include, FMC, Inc, Hughes Information and Technology Systems, Metavante Financial, Symantec, British Petroleum and Barclay's Bank (South Africa), The American Leadership Forums of Hartford, CT & Tacoma, WA, The Soros Foundation, The Health Forum, The Colorado Trust, The Kansas Health Foundation, and several large, U.S.- based Healthcare Systems.

Darvin received his bachelor's degree in Developmental and Community Psychology with minors in American Studies and Sociology from the University of Kansas-Lawrence. He makes his home in Boulder, Colorado and is an avid cyclist and mountain trail runner.

Darvin Ayre, BS