Sondra Manske, MPH, CHES

Research Specialist

Center for Reducing Health Disparities
College of Public Health
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Sondra Manske, M.P.H., C.H.E.S., is the Health Disparities Research Specialist for the Center for Reducing Health Disparities at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in the College of Public Health.  She assists the health disparities research team by increasing the awareness of health disparities and the importance of health equity, building partnerships, and developing a robust research portfolio.
Sondra brings several years of experience leading community based health initiatives in rural areas of California and Colorado, specifically among low-income and immigrant populations.  This experience entails developing trust with disparate populations, improving service delivery by involving the target population, convening and coordinating a Latino advisory committee and other groups to develop competitive grant applications, securing and managing grants, and developing and delivering presentations on a variety of health topics to a diverse set of audiences.  Her passion is health equity and policy.  She enjoys advocating for disparate populations, building and maintaining community partnerships, and developing new projects.
Sondra left Council Bluffs, IA to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Kansas and a Master of Public Health from the University of Northern Colorado.  After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, she started her journey in public health with local government.  She is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a fellow from the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership in Denver, CO.  Sondra is a member of the American Public Health Association and has served on numerous local committees and boards to further positive health outcomes.  Currently, she is finishing her last term as Past President for the Colorado chapter of the Society for Public Health Education.

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Sondra Manske

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