Summer 2010

2010 CEESP participants

The following is a list CEESP participants and descriptions of their 4 month summer research projects.

  • Kristen Battige-"Bisphenol-A and Breast Cancer: A Feasibility and Pilot Study"
  • Fatima Fadlalla-"Breast Cancer and Benign Associated Breast Conditions: A systematic review of records"
  • Sam Gilbert-"A Case-Control Comparison of the Androgen Receptor Polyglutamine Tract in an Egyptian Male Breast Cancer Population"
  • Claire Hampton-"Clinical and Molecular Epidemiologic Features of Inflammatory Breast Cancer in Morocco and Tunisia"
  • Ann Hoffman-"RhoC GTPase and p38γMitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Expression as Predictors of DCIS Progression to Invasive Breast Cancer: A Comparison of African American and Caucasian American Patients"
  • David McCormick-"Endemic Burkitt Lymphoma Pediatric cases in Malawi"
  • Shimaa Mousa-"Patterns of Seeking Medical Care among Breast Cancer Patients in Gharbiah, Egypt"
  • Darlene Veruttipong-"Colorectal Cancer in Gharbiah, Egypt"
  • Qian Xiao-"Inflammatory Breast Cancer in Egypt"