Participants of CEESP are required to participate in a 4 month summer research project either in international or minority domestic setting. Also, this summer internship experience may fulfill the service learning requirement for current MPH students.

2013 CEESP Students

  • Master of Public Health Students
    • Kelli Gruber - "Minimally Invasive Surgery for Colon Cancer Treatment:  A Comparison of Rural vs. Urban Populations in Nebraska" (Lincoln, Nebraska)
    • Rebecca Haworth - "Women’s health in resettlement: Assessing beliefs and practices for cervical cancer screening in a Midwestern Bhutanese refugee cohort" (Omaha, Nebraska)
    • Melissa Leon - "Assessing diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory breast cancer at Michigan Breast Cancer Coalition" (Novi, Michigan and Omaha, Nebraska)
    • Tika Nepal - "Bhutanese Refugee's Health Post resettlement in USA.Screening Colo-rectal Cancer in Bhutanese Refugee Community, Finding Prevalence Rate & Evaluating Various Risk Factors" (Omaha, Nebraska)
    • Mark Obrist - "Factors Related to Incomplete Treatment of Breast Cancer and Validation of Mortality in Kumasi, Ghana" (Kumasi, Ghana)
    • Raheem Sanders - "Exploring Factors for Lower Mortality Rates of African American Women in Oregon" (Portland, Oregon)
    • Mulele Kalima - "A validation of the cancer registry for inclusion and exclusion of referred cases and investigation of factors related to stage of diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer in Lusaka, Zambia, 2008-2012" (Lusaka, Zambia)
    • Brittney Smith - "Evaluating the Incidence and Possible Risk Factors of Stomach Cancer in Marrakech, Morocco--An Exploratory Study" (Marrakech, Morocco)
    • Kossi Zotoglo - "An evaluation of patient and system factors that influences cervical cancer screening at the ORCI, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania" (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
    • Harouna Zouladeny - "Clinical, Epidemiologic and Treatment Profile of Breast Cancer in Niger" (Niamey, Niger)
  • Doctoral Student
    • Teresa Smith - "Exploration of food preparation behaviors among U.S. Hispanic parents: A mixed methods study" (Los Angeles, California)