Detroit, Michigan

Institute: Karmanos Cancer Institute

  • Cooperator: Kendra Schwartz
    Cancer in Africa Symposium 2007

Dr. MaryFran Sowers leads the Study of Women Across the Nation (SWAN), an ongoing prospective multi-ethnic, multidisciplinary study of the natural history of the mid-life and the menopause transition. The study includes in-depth clinical assessment, risk assessment, interviews, and collection of biological specimens from 7 populations of women located across the U.S. One of the major goals at the Michigan Site is to characterize the impact of menopause in Caucasian and African-American women in relation to glucose metabolism and chronic diseases. The ethnically diverse population of African-Americans and Caucasians in Michigan could provide an outstanding resource for students to build upon research studies relevant to cancer in minority populations.

Dr. Ken Resnicow leads a major study in Detroit in collaboration with the Henry Ford Health Management Organization. A cohort of African-American men are enrolled into a study to investigate risk factors for lung cancer in African-Americans. Students can use the ongoing study resources to develop projects related to ethnicity, lung cancer risk factors, and cancer communication.

The Arab American and Chaldean Council has 2 programs focused on cancer, one related to tobacco cessation and lung cancer, and the other related to breast cancer education. Students from UM-SPH have been trained in the center, and collaboration on studies related to breast cancer, environmental exposures, and cancer mortality is ongoing.