Kate Allen

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Reproductive Health History Questionnaire

ABSTRACT: Throughout North Africa, Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) rates remain almost 5 times as high as those seen in the United States. The etiology of this cancer is thought to involve environmental, occupational, genetic, and reproductive risk factors. This study aimed to test the reliability and cultural appropriateness of a reproductive health history-based questionnaire. At the Ibn Rochd University Hospital in Casablanca, Morocco and the Gharbaya Cancer Registry in Tanta, Egypt, 25 Breast Cancer cases and 25 non-Cancer controls were interviewed, resulting in a total of 50 women for each location. Subjects were initially asked about their history of pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, contraceptive use and general breast health. After a period of 1 to 1.5 weeks, the subjects were each re-interviewed using the same questionnaire and interviewer. Changes among subject responses will be analyzed in an effort to design a more comprehensive and valuable questionnaire. Formal analysis is still forthcoming. 

Differences in Reliability of Reproductive History Recall Among Women in North Africa