Administrative Core and Membership

The membership of the center consists of the administrative staff as well as members with expertise in biostatistics, research ethics, health services research, information technology, and epidemiology.


Director, Jane Meza, Ph.D..
Associate Director, Lynette M. Smith, M.S.
Epidemiology Education and Collaboration, Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway, Ph.D.
Administrative Support,  Mary Morris

Center Members:

Health Services Research & Administration
Research Ethics
CoPH Information Technology Team
Health Promotion, Social and Behavioral Health
Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health

Internal Advisory Committee 
Internal Advisory Committee provides feedback on needs of campus community and satisfaction with services.
Bill Burke, Vice-Chair for Research, Department of Psychiatry
Howard Fox, Senior Associate Dean of Research and Development, College of Medicine
Debra Romberger, Vice Chair for Research, Department of Internal Medicine
Tony Hollingsworth, Eppley Institute
Marlene Cohen, College of Nursing