Active Legacy Programs

Active Legacy Programs

Bridge-to-Care Program

This program works with resettled refugees in Douglas County/Omaha metro are to link them with health care providers and preventive health services. Refugees continue to be resettled in Omaha every year, and they face many health care needs as they make the transition from their home countries to the United States. Students engaged in this project will have a unique opportunity to mentor and link refugees with the health care services that they need.

Decreasing the Donor Deficit

The mission is a community-based approach to educate and recruit minority population to register as bone marrow donors.

The students involved in this Service-Learning project developed an education program that culminated in an annual bone marrow drive in the community.

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Douglas County Corrections STD Project

The DCDC's mission is to contribute to public safety by safely and effectively controlling inmates, managing offenders in the community, and offering programs which prepare inmates to successfully re-enter society. In this Service Learning project students interact with inmates to deliver STD education, testing, and treatment. Students are exposed to the magnitude of the STD problem in the Omaha Metro and develop strategies for intervention.

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The Empower Project (YWCA)

The Empower Program provides education and basic health screenings to empower women who are victims of domestic violence through knowledge of their personal health. This student run project is developing into provision of women focused clinical care.

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Siena Francis House

This project is designed to assist future UNMC and UNO students in a Service-Learning Project aimed at identifying, understanding, and prioritizing the unmet needs of Omaha's homeless population. See link for selected interviews and photos from Spring 2010 project.

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