Center for Preparedness Education Staff

Center for Preparedness Education

Center Staff

Name  Research Interest
Dr. Phil Smith Biopreparedness and Biocontainment, Infectious Diseases in Long Term Care Facilities, Hospital Infection Control
Dr. Gary Gorby  
Sharon Medcalf, PhD Disaster/emergency preparedness
Keith Hansen, MBA Crisis management, crisis leadership, and disaster planning.
Leslie Scofield, BA Participant centered education and adult learning. Additional areas of interest include facilitation, virtual course delivery, strategic planning and disaster preparedness.
Michele Kassmeier, MPH

Disaster preparedness for Long Term Care Facilities and Home Health Agencies.  She is also active in online education, and has extensive experience with learning management systems and designing courses for online delivery.  She has extensive experience in social media as it relates to marketing and disaster response.

Kristine Sanger  Disaster preparedness for Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities and Home Health Agencies.  She is also active in the Public Health community, and has extensive experience within the topics of exercise design, healthcare evacuation and shelter in place, infection prevention and control, and conference coordination.
Barbara Dodge Adult education, disaster response proficiency, exercise improvement plans and sustaining interest in disaster response planning and exercising.
Justin Watson  

Administrative Staff

Beckie McCaw