Recent Faculty Publications


Virginia Aita, PhD
Aita, V. A. and Lydiatt, W.M. (2008). An Introduction to the Portraits of Care. In Here I Am and Nowhere Else: Portraits of Care. Catalogue to the Exhibition Here I Am and Nowhere Else: Portraits of Care. Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Omaha, Nebraska: Barnhart Press.

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Rebecca Anderson, JD, MS
Anderson R.  Religious Traditions and Prenatal Genetic Counseling. (2009). American Journal of Medical Genetics Part C Seminar Medical Genetics, (151C), 52-61.

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Andrew Jameton, PhD
Pierce J, Jameton A. (2005). Response to Paul Carrick. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 48(3), 458-463. Summer.

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Ruth Margalit, MD
Margalit, R. S. Clinician-Patient Communication Senior (M4) elective summary. Medical Encounter Spring Summer 2009 edition.

Margalit, R. S., Thomspon, S., Visovsky, C., Geske, J., Collier, D., Birk, T., Paulman, P. (Summer 2009). From Professional Silos to Interprofessional Education: Campus-wide Focus on Quality of Care. Forthcoming - special edition of the Journal of Quality Management in Health Care.

Ben-Arye E, Lear A, Hermoni D, Margalit R. S. (May, 2007). Promoting Lifestyle Self-Awareness among the Medical Team by the Use of an Integrated Teaching Approach: A Primary Care Experience. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 13(4), 461-470

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Alberg, A. J. & Margalit, R. S. (December, 2004). Alyce Burke, Kimberly A. Rasch, Nell Stewart, Jo Ann Kline, Paula A. Ernst, Amy Avey, Sandra C. Hoffman The Influence of Offering Free Transdermal Nicotine Patches on Quit Rates in a Local Health Department's Smoking Cessation Program. Addictive Behaviors, 29(9), 1763-78.

Ben-Arye E, Frenkel M, Margalit R. S. (January-March, 2004). Approaching Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in Patients with Cancer: Questions and Challenges. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, 27(1), 53-62.

Toby Schonfeld, PhD
Schonfeld, Toby and Joseph Brown (November 2009). Evaluating Empirical Assessments of Social Risk. American Journal of Bioethics. 9.11: 55-56.

Micah, H. D. & Schonfeld, T. L. (August 2009). Pardon My Asking: What's New? The American Journal of Bioethics, 9(8), 11-13.

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