Instructor Course Number/Type Course Name
Jameton HPRO 825 Health Care Ethics
Jameton HPRO 815 Issues in Public Health
Jameton ENV 892 Public, Environment and Society
Jameton ENV 840 Sustainability and Public Health
Jameton HPRO 830 Foundations of Public Health
Margalit HPRO 802 Cultural Competency and Professionalism
Schonfeld HPRO 410/610 Health Care Ethics
Schonfeld HPRO 935 Ethics of Human Subjects Research
Schonfeld SAHP 411/511 Critical Thinking
Guest Lectures
Anderson  NRSG 435 Health Policy and Issues
Anderson/Jameton PAMM 940 Molecular Basis of Human Disease
Jameton EPI 812 Chronic Disease Epidemiology
Jameton NRSG 840 Community Based Health Care for Vulnerable People
Jameton NRSG 445/800 Introduction to Global Health Care
Jameton SPED 8420 Assessment and Management of Voice Disorders
Schonfeld HPRO 835 Design of Medical Studies
Medical Students: Month Long Senior Electives
Aita HPRO 770 / M-ID-748 Advanced Seminar in Medical Humanities / The Culture of Health Care
Anderson HPRO 734 Current Issues in Law and Medicine
Jameton HPRO 730 Readings in Medical Humanities
Margalit HPRO 733 Patient-Physician Communication and Meaningful Relationships
Schonfeld HPRO 732 Spirituality and Health Care
Medical Students: Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE)
Anderson ICE Informed Consent
Anderson/Schonfeld ICE Reproductive Ethics
Anderson/Schonfeld ICE Religious Traditions and Medicine
Anderson ICE Pandemic Ethics
Anderson ICE Advance Directives
Margalit ICE Delivering Bad News
Margalit ICE Service Learning Project
Schonfeld ICE Introduction to Ethics
Schonfeld ICE Confidentiality in Medicine
Schonfeld ICE Research Ethics
Schonfeld ICE  Physician Assisted Suicide
Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP)
Aita SMDEP Humanities and Medicine
Margalit SMDEP Professionalism
Schonfeld SMDEP Physician-Assisted Suicide
Anderson SMDEP Ethical Issues in Clinical Genetics
Jameton SMDEP Climate Change and Public Health
CHES  Rounds (Sample)
Anderson Grand Rounds Law & Ethics Before & After Schiavo
Anderson Grand Rounds Constitution Day
Anderson Grand Rounds Religion and Genomics
Schonfeld Grand Rounds Parental Rights and Responsibilities
Schonfeld Grand Rounds Ethical Issues in Disaster Preparedness
Schonfeld Grand Rounds Smart Men, Beautiful Women
Margalit Schwartz Center Rounds

Current Schwartz Center Round Sites