Core Facilities

Successful research requires the support of more than one laboratory. Core research facilities offer state-of-the-art equipment and the latest knowledge to support and assist researchers. Highly trained staff in the technologies offered provide quality control of experiments and support of experimental design in a cost efficient manner.

The Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience has seven cores available to department faculty and on a fee-for-service to outside researchers.

Use of all cores is by appointment. Visit individual core web sites to see what new instrumentation and technology is available and who to contact for your needs.

Department Core Facilities

Howard E. Gendelman, MD
Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3)
Myhanh Che
402-559-5981 (Office); 402-350-3799 (Cell)

Cell and Tissue: Elutriation
Myhanh Che
402-559-5981 (Office); 402-350-3799 (Cell)

R. Lee Mosley
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mike Boska, PhD

Along with the department cores, UNMC offers the entire research community a fee-for-service to over 25 shared research cores located across campus.