Career Options/Training

Most graduates go on to academic or industry postdoctoral training positions after completing their Ph.D. degree, to diversify their research experience and to develop greater independence, generally in a related but different research area from their graduate training.

One or two postdoctoral experiences of 1-3 years each are generally required in order to develop sufficient experience, independence, and productivity to be competitive for faculty positions in academic medical centers, one of the most frequently sought career directions.

Graduates who desire a career in the pharmaceutical or other biomedical industries can often obtain good positions with less or no postdoctoral training, or graduates can choose industry laboratories for postdoctoral training to explore this career option.

Positions that involve primarily teaching rather than research, for example at small liberal arts colleges or mid-sized universities, can often be obtained without postdoctoral research training.

Additional information about career opportunities in pharmacology and in neuroscience can be obtained through the link below. For a list of pharmacology positions in academia, industry and government please go to the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) web site.

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