Engineering a Culture of Safety

We believe that all healthcare organizations should ground their quality improvement and patient safety activities in a sound understanding of the components of a safe, informed culture and the principles of high reliability organizations. Our goal is to engineer cultures in rural health care organizations that value and improve patient safety, and to further improve our methods through research. 

Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (HSOPS) Information (pdf format brochure)

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UNMC Patient Safety Team
University of Nebraska Medical Center
PO Box 6688
Omaha NE 68106-9921
(402) 559-8221
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Call Schedules
TeamSTEPPS Monthly Community Call
Apr 17 | 14:00 CST
May 22 | 14:00 CST
Jun 19 | 11:00 CST

"CAPTURE Falls Monthly Collaborative Call"
Apr 22 | 14:00 CST
May 27 | 14:00 CST
Jun 24 | 14:00 CST
Jul 22 | 14:00 CST