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UNMC Help Desk (ITS)

UNMC HelpDesk (ITS) is your first stop for all technology related questions. Call 402-559-7700 or email Click on these links for more information on: Email, ID and Passwords, Name/ID Changes, Software Downloads, Wireless access, and more.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Beginning Fall 2013 (August) students are required to bring their own wireless computing device to school for use in classes and clinical settings. Note that iOS and Android mobile devices may not be compatible with computer-based testing and some types of content. We recommend you check here for compatibility.

BYOD Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Requirements

To achieve work efficiency and/or need help to guide your purchasing decision, check our Computer Requirements - Windows  and Apple pages to help guide your purchasing decision.

Accessing a Live Stream

All the information you need to connect to a live stream session.

Computer Requirements

All the information you need to access a phone bridge session.


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