Research Focus Areas

Areas of research emphasis

Areas of research emphasis The PhD program prepares nurse scientists with focused areas of research expertise.

Based on research interests, students are matched with a doctoral faculty advisor who directs an individualized course of study, including independent research projects.

Students work closely with senior faculty holding substantial research grants and have the considerable resources of the College’s Niedfelt Nursing Research Center.

Our PhD faculty/student research emphasis is broadly described in these areas:

  1. Promoting and managing health
    • in at-risk populations
    • in chronic illness
  2. Health systems and quality
  3. Nursing education 

Nursing research produces evidence. That evidence is used to improve care, prompt intervention, raise efficiency, cut costs, correct problems, influence policy, change practice, propel better systems and create better outcomes. Research by nurse scientists produces some stunning breakthroughs and many advancements, big and small. To individual patients and their families, all are huge.  

Improving cardiac rehabilitation through research
Dr. Bunny Pozehl's Study  
Strengthening his heart wasn’t the only goal Phil Hester had on his mind when he enrolled in Dr. Bunny Pozehl’s study on heart failure and exercise. He wanted to be strong enough to walk into Heinz Field – home of his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. He accomplished both goals.