Nurse Leader Executive

MSN Specialty Track 4

Nurse Leader Executive

Program of study — 2 years full time — part-time options  
Required MSN core courses * are included in the schedule below.

Please note:
RN to MSN students will be required to take one to two additional classes to meet BSN outcome requirements. Both a BSN and an MSN degree will be awarded for RN students entering the LEAD specialty without a BSN degree at the end of the program.


MSN Specialty Nurse Leader Executive  
Course # Title Credits
VARIOUS * Graduate Statistics 3
NRSG 602 * Nursing Scholarship 4
NRSG 603 * Leadership in Nursing 3
NRSG 604 * Health Systems Innovation & Improvement 3
NRSG 609 * Health Promotion for Populations 3
NRSG 651 Health Care Systems & Policy 3
NRSG 652 Organizational Improvements 4
NRSG 653 Analyzing Issues in Nursing Administration 2
NRSG 654 Introduction to Health Informatics 3
NRSG 655 Health Care Economics & Financial Management 3
NRSG 656 Developing Systems & Infrastructures in Health Care Organizations 5
NRSG 657 Practicum in Managing & Evaluating Health Care 5
  TOTAL - Nurse Leader Executive 41

* Required course — MSN core curriculum

  Part-time study options

  • We offer flexible, part-time study options to fit the busy lives of RNs.
  • For this specialty: a common part-time path is 6 semesters or 3 years.
  • You may take up to 5 years to complete your MSN.
  • Ask a graduate student services representative or faculty advisor for guidance in planning a part-time schedule that fits your goals, work schedule and family responsibilities.


If you have questions, please call or email a student services representative.