Nurse Educator

Why gain expertise as a nurse educator?

  • Strong demand
    • The nation's critical nursing shortage reflects a shortage of nursing faculty.
    • Nursing schools need qualified teachers.  
  • Career satisfaction
    • Help solve our state and nationwide nursing shortage.
    • Prepare, guide and mentor tomorrow's nurse leaders
  • Flexible entry options
    Students may gain expertise as a nurse educator through one of two pathways: 
    1. Concurrent preparation as an advanced practice nurse in one of the college's master's programs. See MSN specialty tracks.
    2. Through doctoral level (PhD or DNP) cognates required for students enrolled in the college's doctoral programs.
    3. As educator expertise for RNs who already have a master's degree.
  • Stimulating curriculum
    There are four nurse educator courses for a total of 12 credits. 
NRSG 691 Designing and Evaluating Learner-Centered Curricula
No pre-requisites but recommend completing 692 before 691 or with permission of instructor
3 cr
NRSG 692 Teaching & Learning Strategies
No pre-requisites or with permission of instructor
3 cr
NRSG 693 Using Technology to Enhance Teaching & Learning Strategies
Pre-requisites: Complete 691 and 692 or with permission of instructor
3 cr
NRSG 694 Implementation of the Educator Role: Practicum
Can be taken as a co-requisite with 693. No prerequisites but recommend completing 691, 692, & 693 or with permission of instructor
3 cr
  TOTAL for Nurse Educator Training     12 cr


Recommended order for course completion: 692 -> 691 -> 694 -> or 692 -> 691 -> 693 & 694 together

For course descriptions, click here.  

“Nurses are essential partners in our health care delivery system. We cannot train and retain skilled nurses without first ensuring sufficient numbers of qualified nursing instructors.”  

— President Barack Obama • March 26, 2009  

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PhD students — apply online: UNMC Graduate Studies  

MSN students — See MSN page for application instructions

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UNMC alum is national advocate:Urgent need for nurses and nursing faculty.
  Susan Hassmiller, RN, PhD, FAAN   A 1983 MSN alum, Susan Hassmiller, RN, PhD, FAAN, is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's senior adviser for nursing. Among her duties: shape and lead strategies to address nurse and nurse faculty shortages.   She is also director the RWJF Initiative on the Future of Nursing at the Institute of Medicine. It was formed to identify new solutions for nursing in recruitment, education, retention and new technologies; in delivery of nursing services across care settings; and in interprofessional training. Her objective: ensure that nursing, armed with solutions, plays a central role in health care reform — and in elevating the quality of patient care.  

The future of nursing education: Six questions with Sue. 

"It is well documented that we need more faculty, and we'll need even more in the future."