Financial - Tuition and Fees


Academic Year

NOTE: Official tuition rates and costs are subject to change annually. Official tuition figures for the next academic year are available in July of every year.



  Nebraska Residents Non-Residents
 Undergraduate Nursing Courses $273.50/credit hour $849.50/credit hour
 Graduate Nursing Courses $439.50/credit hour $917.25/credit hour



Course fees range from $10-$35/course. Courses with clinical laboratory components have additional lab fees of $25-$40/course at the undergraduate level and $30-$200/course at the graduate level. Additionally, the distributive Learning fees is approximately $500/semester. Students must also pay miscellaneous University and facilities fees and purchase books and equipment. These fees are published annually in the UNMC Student Handbook.

Estimated Yearly Costs for Undergraduate Nursing Traditional BSN Program


  Nebraska Resident Non-Resident
 Tuition $8,760 $27,180
 Fees $4,560 $4,560
 Books and Equipment $2,260 $2,260
 Total Direct Costs $15,580 $34,000

If you would like more information about financing your education please visit the UNMC Financial aid web site.