Accelerated BSN

Accelerated BSN program summary


The Accelerated BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) is an intense 12-month program for well-qualified students with a bachelor's degree in another field.

Program availability by campus

The Accelerated BSN program is offered on our Omaha, Lincoln and Scottsbluff campuses. Class size is limited and admission is competitive.

Admission cycle

Students are admitted once annually for May program start.

Preparation coursework

Some/much of this coursework may already be satisfied by your existing bachelor's degree course of study. You first complete prerequisite courses totaling 58 credits. Prerequisite courses are NOT offered by the UNMC College of Nursing. You may take them through the University of Nebraska (on campus or online/distance) or from any accredited community college, 4-year college or university.  

UNMC nursing coursework

Students are admitted once annually for May program start. Required nursing coursework consists of 62 credits. Curriculum is predicated upon Traditional BSN plan of study, BSN learning structure and objectives progression but compresses the 2-year Traditional Program to 12 months, with key variations in class and clinical approach, as follows:

  • one 13-week summer session
  • two 16-week semesters (spring and fall)

Completion timeline

After prerequisites are completed, the Accelerated BSN is a full-time, one-year program. Clinical training rotations may include evenings and/or weekends.  

Accelerated BSN plan of study — 12 months — 3 semesters

  NRSG 311   Pathophysiologic Alterations in Health I   2 0 2
  NRSG 312   Health Assessment Across the Life Course   2.5 1.5 4
  NRSG 313   Patient Centered Care I   4 0 4
  NRSG 314   Patient Centered Care Clinical I   0 3 3
  NRSG 316   Evidence-Based Practice and Leadership in Nursing   3 0 3
  NRSG 331   Pathophysiologic Alterations in Health II   2 0 2
  NRSG 332   Pharmacology for Healthcare Professionals   4 0 4


  NRSG 333   Patient Centered Care II   5 0 5
  NRSG 334   Patient Centered Care Clinical II   0 5 5
  NRSG 411   Patient Centered Care III   4 0 4
  NRSG 412   Patient Centered Care Clinical III   0 4 4
  NRSG 413   Population-Centered Care   2 3 5
  NRSG 415   Policy and Issues in Healthcare Delivery   3 0 3


  NRSG 419   Transition to Professional Nursing   0 4 4
  NRSG 421   Patient Centered Care IV   3 0 3
  NRSG 422   Patient Centered Care Clinical IV   0 3 3
  NRSG 424   Leadership in Professional Practice   2 2 4
  Graduation    TOTAL REQUIRED COURSE CREDITS       62

Please note: The BSN curriculum will continuously evolve to offer superior preparation for the changing demands of modern nursing. Course numbers, titles and other details are subject to change.

Admission steps / requirements


Application due date


Accelerated student profile

    very motivated and goal-oriented, with high self expectations.
    values higher education and working closely with people.
    previous GPA over 3.0 — with many over 3.3.
    ethnically and culturally diverse — about 12% male.
    ages trend to 20s and early 30s — some older students.
    existing bachelor's degree.
    high pass rate — 97% average, first attempt — on RN license exam.


An intense, challenging curriculum

With their strong academic profile, our accelerated students expect a challenging, learning-packed schedule of study heavy on critical thinking, clinical application, independent evaluation, patient-centered context and successful care outcomes. They also prize clear, concise communication and teachers as mentors. All these ingredients are integral to our Accelerated BSN Program..

Clinical education affiliations

In addition to its own clinical simulation/skills labs, UNMC has relationships with over 100 health care institutions across Nebraska to provide students a convenient, diverse range of clinical learning.

Outside work not advised

The rigorous pace of this full-time program makes any outside work inadvisable. Thus you'll need adequate financial resources for a year's living expenses plus tuition, books, supplies and other educational expenses. We encourage you to apply for scholarships/financial aid.

Your first step

Contact a student services representative for answers to your questions and for guidance on requirements, application and admission.

Accelerated BSN graduate profile
Accelerated BSN graduate Wattana Barret   As a girl in Thailand, recent BSN graduate Wattana Barrett always wanted to be a nurse. But when she began university study, she found that, at 4'11", she was "too short for nursing" in her home country. So she earned a degree in biology and kept her dream alive as a science teacher. She came to the U.S., married and got a job in comparative medicine at UNMC. Meanwhile, she took nursing prerequisite courses at the University of Nebraska at Omaha — then entered the Accelerated BSN program at UNMC. "My teachers were so understanding, and classmates helped out," she said. She is now an ICU nurse — and plans, after more school, to be a nurse anesthetist.


  "Heart, cancer, transplant — you gain so much patient experience here."