Admissions Information - Master of Science in Nursing

Students apply to the Graduate College of the University of Nebraska and courses are taught by the graduate faculty of the College of Nursing. Graduate level support or cognate courses may be taken at any campus of the University of Nebraska or from other accredited graduate programs.


Admission Requirements


  • Baccalaureate degree in nursing from an NLNAC or CCNE accredited program
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) on all undergraduate course work.
  • United States citizens, prior to admission to the graduate program, must be legally licensed to practice nursing in one of the 50 states.
  • Completed application. See instructions here.
  • Prior to enrollment in clinical courses and those related to the conduct of research (NRSG 896; NRSG 899) students must hold an active registered nurse license in the particular state/states in which participating in clinical practice and research activities.
  • Three letters of recommendation: (Faculty, manager at nursing job, nurse practitioners) 
  • Personal interview (graduate faculty member in the area of concentration to which the student has applied). Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview. You will meet with one or more faculty members to talk about your background, career goals, questions and whether there is a match between what you want to accomplish and our program. If you are unable, because of distance, to travel to one of the main sites, you may be interviewed by telephone.
  • Biographical sketch including a description of the applicant's goals relative to his/her professional career.
  • An undergraduate course in health assessment or its equivalent. The fulfillment of this requirement is determined by each specialty area. (Not required for nursing administration.)
  • An undergraduate course in nursing research.
  • Students with experience in research may challenge the undergraduate research course.
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not required. (Disregard requirement for GRE on online application)


Admission Deadlines


Note: A completed application includes the online application, all transcripts, fee and all letters of recommendation.


Visiting Professional Students


Visiting students are licensed professionals who may take specific courses for non-degree credit. Admission to these offerings is based on an application, an application fee, and permission of the instructor.

You are strongly encouraged to attend or call in to an information session.