Related Web Sites

This list of web sites will be of interest to parents. They contain information about neuroscience and the brain. Listed here are specific suggestions about what to look for at those sites.

Baby Parenting - At "About Baby" there is information on development from prenatal to 24 months

Baby Zone - Here are topics including developmental information up to 48 months and such topics as sleep and safety.

Big Chalk - A highlight of the website is the SEARCH mechanism - type in "neuroscience" then choose grade level for specific information and web site links.

Brain Connection - Information at this site is for parents and teachers and includes "Neuro News" for current findings and "Library" for general, educational and clinical topics. A highlight is "Explore" for Brain Basics, Image Gallery and Brain Facts.

Brain Pop - This site includes animated movies and other information in the areas of Health, Science and Technology, e.g. "Your Body"

Dana Organization - For information on brain disorders go to "Brain Information and Brain Web". "Brainy Kids Online" has activities for children, parents, and teachers. It also provides links to other sites.

Neuroscience for Kids - Features include activities and information on the brain for students and teachers, and access to "Neuroscience for Kids" newsletter. Also, go to "Explore the Nervous System for Brain Basics and Brain Graphics.

Open Colleges - an interactive infographic of a brain, highlighted by areas and explanations of what that area is known to do

Zero to Three - At Parents - "Brain Wonders" find information on brain and child development for parents, child care providers and health professionals

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