Visit Details

If you make the decision to participate in the vision rehabilitation program at the Weigel Williamson Center, this is what you can expect at your visits.

First visit to the Center (3 hours)



Vision Mapping

 vision mapping

Low Vision Exam

 low vision exam

Second visit to the Center (1 1/2 hour)

 Review of Goals

 Training in Use of Low Vision Devices

training in use of low vision devices

Community Resources

Training Sessions (1 to 2 hours)

Low Vision House staff train their low vision patients

Your occupational therapist will continue to work with you to meet your vision goals at the Weigel Williamson Center. One or two sessions may also be held at your home.

Training will help with activities such as:

Final Visit (30 minutes)

A final visit to answer any questions.

After your rehabilitation goals have been met, you will visit with your low vision doctor to:

A summary report will be sent to your primary eye doctor.