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Library Policies and Borrowing Privileges

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Library Users Code of Conduct

Animals - Only service animals are allowed in the library. A service animal is defined as any animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability. Such tasks can include guiding a person with impaired vision, alerting a person with impaired hearing to the presence of people or sounds, pulling a wheelchair, etc. The term service animal does not apply to personal pets.

Cell phones - Cell phones and other electronic devices should be set to a silent mode when entering the library. Users are encouraged to use the entrance areas or stairwells for brief, quiet telephone conversations.

Children - Children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult, 18 years or older. Children are allowed to use computers as long as there is no demand for computer use. Children should not be left unattended. If children become noisy and disruptive, they need to be taken out of the library.

Confidentiality of library records - All library registration and circulation records are considered confidential information.

Food and Beverages - Non-alcoholic beverages in securely covered containers are allowed inside the library. Food is permitted in the Linder Lounge, which includes beverages and snack items in vending machines, an ice machine, microwave, and small sink.

Paging - The library does not provide a paging system. However, users may use phones located on the 6th and 7th floor to accept a page they have received on their personal pagers.

Personal belongings - Users are advised not to leave personal items unattended anywhere in the Library. Users need to report missing items at the Circulation Desk and Security will be notified. Items other than personal items (e.g. wallets, purse, and cell phones) will be kept at the “Lost and Found,” located at the Circulation Desk. Personal items will be turned over to Security (Phone: 402-559-5111).

Phones - Phones are located on the 6th floor inside the library entrance and on the 7th floor to the right of the open staircase. Users may only make local calls on the phones provided.

Tobacco - The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) became tobacco-free, as of August 24, 2009. This policy prohibits tobacco use in the library, including but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, and pipes.

Lost and Found

Items that are found in the library will be sorted into two groups:

Study Rooms

The library has 16 locked study rooms located on the 7th floor of the library and are available to UNMC students, faculty or staff. To use a room, a key must be checked out from the AskUs Desk. The keys are checked out for a 4-hour period. They may be renewed twice. Customers that return a key late are charged $1 per hour. When leaving a study room, make sure the door is closed and that you remove all materials from the room so that the room is ready for the next user. Rooms cannot be reserved. White-board markers and erasers are provided for each room. If a room is missing markers or an eraser, please check at the AskUs Desk for replacements.

The library has 5 rolling/moveable White-Boards for use. These can be used anywhere in the library and are available on a first come first serve basis.

After Hours Access

It is the policy of UNMC to provide 24 hour access to the library for faculty and house staff who may need access to emergency patient care information. The Security Department provides procedures for after hours access:


  1. UNMC faculty and house staff who need access to patient care information while the library is closed should contact security in order to arrange access to the library.
  2. A security officer will escort the physician or designated staff member into the library where both will sign in with their name, department, and extension. The security officer will remain with the physician/staff member throughout the stay in the library.
  3. The physician/staff member will immediately retrieve the item(s) needed. Minimal time should be spent in the library. Ideally a MEDLINE or catalog search will have identified material needed prior to entering the library.
  4. A maximum of 3 items can be removed from the library under these circumstances. Each item needs to be recorded by the barcode number in the back of the material, as well as by name, volume number, etc. in order to identify the material.
  5. The following day the library staff will contact the physician to verify the material checked out and the due dates.
  6. Additional limitations:
    • Such a visit to the library should take no more than 1 hour
    • Security will escort a maximum of 2 persons into the library
    • Security-escorted access to the library is to be used only when patient care information is needed in an emergency situation, and is not to be used to substitute for routine access to the library


Copying and Scanning

The library provides a scanning unit with an attached printer for public use. Customers can scan their documents to a flash-drive, to a smart phone or to their email. Scanning can be done in Black/White or Color. It can be sent to your device as a PDF, a searchable PDF, a Word document, a TIFF or a JPEG file. Scans can also be sent to the attached printer. The printer is coin operated (10 cents per black and white page and 25 cents per color page), but will also accept $1, $5, and $10 bills. Please remember when scanning, that all copyright rules apply.

Borrowing Privileges

All faculty, staff, and students from UNMC and The Nebraska Medical Center personnel may borrow library materials by presenting their UNMC or Nebraska Medical Center photo identification card and completing additional registration information at the library Circulation Desk. Privileges will not be granted without a valid UNMC or Nebraska Medical Center photo identification card. All materials checked out on your ID are your responsibility. Please be careful who you loan your ID to and who you check out for. Special borrowing privileges may also be granted to those not affiliated with these institutions.

Loan Periods

Length of loan is dictated by material type. Loans are subject to recall at any time. Some materials, including reference, reserve, and anatomical models, may be designated as non-circulating.


A loan period can be extended in person at the Circulation desk or by phone at 402-559-4006. You do not need the item to renew. Renewals can be granted on the following items as long as no one has placed a hold.


If an item is checked out to another customer, you may place a hold on that item. When the item is returned, you will be contacted via email that the item you requested is available and on the hold shelf at Circulation. We will hold the item for four days before it is returned to the collection.

Materials that are not checked out and are currently available cannot be placed on hold. Because of the shortage of staff, the library does not have a service to pull materials from the shelves and place them at Circulation to be picked up later.


Two books drops are available for returns on the third floor of Wittson Hall, across from the elevators, and at the Circulation desk. Media, models, and reserve items must be returned to the Circulation Desk.

Overdue Fines and Lost Book Fees

Print Reserves

The library allows faculty and students to place materials on reserve at the Circulation Desk for use by other UNMC students. This service is designed to provide a controlled, ready access to items that are used for course readings. The materials are listed by course number or by the faculty name and are searchable in the Helix Catalog. UNMC faculty, staff, and students may borrow these materials for 2 hours, with one 2-hour renewal if the item is not needed by another patron, for use in the library only. Items such as the ACLS and General or Essential Surgery books may be checked out for 7 days. The reserve item with the sticker stating it is able to leave for one week may be checked out, provided the staff member manually changes the due date in the computer.

For information about placing an item on print reserve, please contact Sue Clark at 402-559-4006 or email. The library currently does not provide an electronic reserve service.

Special Borrowing Privileges

Nebraska residents who are members of health related, scientific, teaching, clergy, and legal professions or employees of a health related institution or firm in Nebraska may be extended the following borrowing privileges. Documentation of their profession (e.g. medical license or affiliation with a health related institution or firm) will be required before completing the special privilege forms. Reference and Reserve materials may not be checked out.