Video Conferencing

ITS provides video conferencing technologies for your meeting, distance education and telehealth needs.  Listed below are options available to customers.

Videoconferencing   A video conference is a set of technologies that provides interactive video and audio transmission between two or more sites. ITS Video Services operates a robust video network and infrastructure that allows for many events and classes to occur simultaneously.  UNMC is also a hub site for the Nebraska State Telehealth Network, which offers videoconferencing to over 100 not for profit hospitals, public health departments, and mental health clinics.

Live Video Streaming.  Audio and video are available live to participants anywhere who have a high speed Internet connection and a computer system with a web browser and either Real Player or Quick Time installed. The live streaming conference attendees are given a URL that allows them to access ITS Video Services’ video bridge and connect to the stream.  The live video stream ends when the event concludes and is not saved.

Archived Video Streaming  A video presentation or event is digitally recorded for retrieval at a later time. When participants access the URL for the stream, they receive recorded video and audio of the event. The archived stream can be accessed within 24 hours directly from a folder from the ITS Video Services video storage server. Access to archived streams require a high speed Internet connection, a web browser, and either Windows Media Player or Quick Time plug ins.

High Definition Desktop and Mobile Video Conferencing  A high definition videoconferencing system that allows for total interactivity between participants.  The application supports PCs, MACs, I-Pads, I-Phones and Androids.  It also may be included in traditional IP video conferences and distance learning sessions.  The application is secure for Telehealth applications.  The technology continuously monitors the performance of the Internet network at each endpoint and adjusts the video stream in real time to optimize video and audio quality.

Telehealth Consultation   A telehealth consultation is a specialized video conference that provides a secure interactive video and audio transmission between two healthcare facilities.  Most common is a provider and patient clinical consultation when a health care provider at a receiving site provides clinical service to a patient at the originating site.  In addition, provider to provider consultations can take place.  Other specialized telehealth services includes Tele-Emergency and Tele-Pharmacy.  As a hub site for the Nebraska Statewide Telehealth Network, ITS Video Services provides telehealth communication services with over 100 hospitals, public health department and mental health clinics throughout Nebraska as well as other healthcare facilities worldwide. 

Phone Bridge  A phone bridge allows for remote participants to call in during a video conference event. The codian phone bridge enables interactivity via audio to participants who are watching a live stream.  The participants access the live stream on their computer, and when they want to interact, they call the phone bridge number that has been provided to them.  Often phone bridges will ask for a conference code, which will be provided to participants at the same time they receive the URL for the live stream. Phone bridges through the Codian are limited to 20 or fewer participants.


Rev 4/18/12