Telephones/Voice Mail

Add, Move or Change to Office Phones

Requests to add, move or change your office phone begins through an online request. An analyst will contact you once your request is submitted.

On-Campus Dialing

UNMC utilizes 5 digit extensions for on-campus dialing (Dialing between UNMC Phones). To determine the extension number of a UNMC phone number, take the last 5 digits of the number (i.e. 402-559-xxxx, 402-552-xxxx, 402-596-xxxx)

Local Dialing - 10 digit dialing

UNMC is in the local Omaha/Council Bluffs calling area. The local Area Codes are 402, 531, 712 and require 10 digit dialing for a call to be completed.

Long Distance and International Calling

Charges apply for all Long Distance and International Calling. For rate information and billing questions please contact Nick Napora at 9-6225. Area codes outside of the Local Calling area are considered Long Distance.

Long Distance charges will apply when the call is completed. If your phone is equipped with a call-log feature and you place a Long Distance call using your call-log, charges will apply even though you did not dial a 1.

Please note: Omaha/Council Bluffs reside in a InterLATA calling area which means there are 402, 531, and 712 numbers that will also be considered Long Distance (i.e. Calls to Lincoln, Nebraska; calls to Logan, Iowa; etc.)

3rd Party Devices and Non-Certified Equipment

ITS makes every effort to ensure full compatibility with various brands of telecommunications equipment. If you are considering any 3rd party device and/or non-certified telecommunications equipment, you are advised to contact UNMC ITS Telecommunications to discuss your options.  ITS will not be held responsible for customer provided equipment that has not been approved/certified for use on the UNMC telecommunications network. This includes (But is not limited to): Non-certified headsets, 3rd party conference phones, telecommunication type servers (Fax, Interactive Voice Response, etc.), cordless phones, and cord de-tanglers

Voice Mail

Voice mail is provided at no additional cost, however an online request must be made to activate it.


Help Desk
Have a telephone problem?
General Questions / Contact an Analyst

In the Subject line type  “General Questions – Location of the service in questionand include as much detail as possible in the body of the email.   (i.e. extension numbers, users names/email addresses, call flow)

Billing Questions
Contact Nick Napora at 9-6225 with questions regarding your monthly phone charges or telecommunications work order charges.