Plans & Accomplishments

The planning process for Information Technology Services is closely integrated to the campus plan, with the assistant vice chancellor serving as an active member of the Chancellor’s Council and participating in campus strategic planning initiatives. In preparation for the annual planning process, each unit compiles documents that are incorporated into a campus planning information and quality indicators booklet. This information is used as a resource by campus leaders to develop the campus plan.

  • Planning Information and Quality Indicators.  To assist in the annual campus strategic planning process, every unit prepares a document highlighting major initiatives and challenges.
  • Strategic Plan.  Each unit prepares a unit plan that aligns with the campus strategic plan. Milestones, accountability and target dates are included for the fiscal year that runs from July 1 to June 30.
  • Accomplishments. In the August/September time frame, units prepare an accomplishments document for the fiscal year that was just completed.

The following are links to these ITS documents.

2014-2015 Planning Indicators

2013-2014 Planning Indicators - Strategic Plan

2012-2013 Planning Indicators - Strategic Plan

2011-2012 Planning Indicators - Strategic Plan - Accomplishments

2010-2011 Planning Indicators - Strategic Plan - Accomplishments

2009-2010 Planning Indicators - Strategic Plan - Accomplishments