Email Scams - Phishing

If you don't know the sender,
it might be a pretender. 

Protect yourself from email phishing attacks

Video Snippit:  What Email is Legit?  What's Not?  (2:19 min)

Article:  Email Phishing Attacks

October 15, 2014 Email Phishing - Don't Click it

emal phishing example

 UNMC Information Technology Services uses many tools to help protect your computer and the campus network from becoming infected; similar to getting a flu shot.  Follow these extra steps to help stop the spread of computer viruses.

  1. Do not respond to an email (or click on a link) that asks you to 'validate your information'; then asks for IDs, passwords and other sensitive information.  UNMC Information Technology Services will not ask for this information in an email. 
  2. Do not click on unknown links or attachments.
  3. Do not enter information in a pop-up. 
  4. Emails with poor spelling and grammar are clues to scams; delete them.
  5. If the actual URL does not match the text; don't click it.  (Hover over the URL too see where it is taking you)
  6. Do not send personal information in an email or through an unsecured website.  Only enter sensitive data IF you trust the website AND if it has a lock icon in the URL.
  7. Call the ITS help desk (9-7700) right away if you suspect there is a virus on your computer.