IDS & Passwords

UNMC NetID Requests

UNMC faculty, staff and students are automatically given a UNMC NetID when they are entered into SAP or become an enrolled student.   Your department administrator will be notified when your NetID is created and will notify you of the account.

This gives you access to the campus network drives and printers, Outlook email, Blackboard, UNMC Intranet, Student Information System, McGoogan Library electronic resources, UNMC Research Support Systems (RSS), CARE as well as the wireless network.

UNMC NetID Password Resets

Initial Password Reset from Off-Campus
Reset my password (from on-campus)
Forgot my password

One Chart Access

One Chart Access is requested through the TNMC Project Work Order (PWR)

Affiliate Account Requests

An affiliate account may be requested to access the campus network and certain systems such as Blackboard and the UNMC Intranet.  To request an affiliate account

UNMC licensing does not permit an affiliate to have access to Outlook email.