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I hear the terms Exchange Email and Outlook Email. What is the difference?

UNMC is implementing Microsoft Exchange 2010 and you access the email either by the Outlook client which is part of your Microsoft suite or through OutlookWebApp (OWA).

You will see a slightly different look depending if you are using the Outlook PC client in Office 2007 or Office 2010; Mac 2011 Client and of course if you are using the Outlook Web App (OWA) from an Internet browser.

If you are currently still using Office 2003, you will be required to use Outlook Web Access (OWA) from on-campus as well as off-campus.

What is the email quota?

Faculty and staff will have a 2 GB quota going forward, with no exceptions planned. The user will start getting a warning at 1.5 GB indicating they are reaching their quota. Once they reach their quota, they will still receive emails, but will not be able to send.

Students will have a 1 GB quota going forward.

What is the maximum file size that I can send?

You are able to send emails of 20 mb or less (total size with email and attachments).  These are delivered as soon as they are sent.

Will Microsoft Outlook work on mobile devices (smart phones, ipads)?

Will Outlook work on Macs Yes. Mac customer can access Exchange from either the Mac 2011 Outlook client or the OutlookWebApp (OWA) from any Internet browser.
How do I access my email from off-campus? Remote access to email will be available through the Outlook WebApp (OWA). For improved security customers will first log into a UNMC secured site using their UNMCNet ID/password and then click on the the OutlookWebApp link. A grid card or token is NOT required if you are only accessing your email.

Will there still be a U-Wide and hospital address books?


Can my department still have “generic” email accounts?


Will the new email system have encryption?

UNMC will continue to use Zixcorp to encrypt outgoing email.