ITS Dress Code Guidelines

Effective Date:  05/03/2013  
Contact your Director or the the ITS Administrator (9-5678)  

Basis for Procedure

UNMC Policy 1008:  Dress Code Policy

UNMC Policy 6008:  Identification Card Policy


To support an open, safe and professional working environment ITS will adhere to the following dress code for its employees and contractors.

  1. UNMC Photo ID is to be worn and visible at all times.
  2. ITS employees are expected to maintain acceptable standards of personal grooming and present a neat, professional appearance at all times. 
  3. All clothing and shoes must be clean, in good condition, pressed without tears or frays. 
  4. ITS has two primary types of attire:  Business Casual and Casual Friday
    1. Business casual attire Monday-Thursday (8 am - 5 pm normal business hours). Business casual attire includes:
      1. dress pants, dockers, khaki style for men or women
      2. collared dress, polo shirts
      3. UNMC logo polos, short sleeved and long sleeved shirts
      4. skirts, dresses, capri pants, dress shirts for women
      5. dress/casual shoes; dress sandals for women
      6. suits, jackets, sports coats and/or ties are optional.
    2. Casual Fridays is an option for all ITS employees and may include:
      1. Blue jeans
      2. Tennis shoes (i.e. athletic shoes you might wear to the gym)
      3. T-shirts/sweatshirts without offensive language or images.
  5. Exceptions.  Individuals who are working in active construction/remodeling areas may wear blue jeans in lieu of dress pants/khakis.  Individuals who work a schedule outside normal business hours may dress casual.  (i.e. swing/mid shifts; working at night for system implementations, etc.)
  6. Professional business attire (suits, jackets, ties) may be required in some circumstances.  Employees may be asked to dress in professional business attire in certain circumstances.
  7. For safety purposes closed toed shoes are required for individuals with responsibilities that require them to unbox, transport, lift and/or install equipment.  Those working in construction areas must adhere to the dress code set forth by OSHA (i.e. hard hats, safety goggles, safety vests, etc.) 
  8. The following attire is not appropriate for the workplace:
    1. Clothing normally worn to the beach, yard work, dance clubs, exercise sessions and sports activities.
    2. Clothing that reveals too much skin or undergarments (low cut tops, mid-drift tops, short skirts, low-rider pants)
    3. Character/Logo shirts with offensive images or wording.
    4. Sweat pants
    5. Flip flops
    6. Hats
  9. ITS reserves the right to determine what dress attire is appropriate and may require a specific attire for certain meetings and/or events.