Work Schedules (Data Center)

Data Center Work Schedules

Effective: 02/15/2007
Last Updates:  12/21/2010

Basis for Procedure:

The following work schedule procedures and responsibilities are defined to meet the unique 24x7x365 business needs of the ITS Data Center Operations which ensures monitoring and response to mission critical systems and infrastructure for UNMC and its healthcare partners.

UNMC Policy 1005: Work Schedules

1. Shift Work Schedules.

a. Shift Designation. To ensure continuity in the data center operations, certain functions must be performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Positions responsible for these functions will be designated as “shift workers". A position will only be designated as a “shift worker" if the same position classification and function is provided on multiple shifts. Only individuals working in designated shift assignments are eligible for the 10% shift differential as defined in the UNMC Policies.

b. Data Center employees are hired to fill an opening on a particular shift, however are hired with the understanding that they must be able to work any 8 hours shift in a 24 hour period. Resignations, reassignments, promotions and/or a change in business need may require a change in an employee’s shift. Employees may be asked to temporarily work another shift on short notice to accommodate staffing shortages. In the event a permanent shift change is required, management will notify the employee in advance of the of the permanent shift change.

c. The ITS Data Center Operations has three established shifts:

    • Day Shift 0800 to 1600
    • Swing Shift 1600 to midnight (shift differential is applicable)
    • Midnight Shift midnight to 0800 (shift differential is applicable)

d. Clock In/Out. Data Center Operations staff is required to clock in when they arrive and clock out when they leave. Consistent failure to clock-in will be addressed as a work performance issue and may lead to disciplinary action. In these instances, the door access records and/or building video may be used to verify arrival and/or departure times.

e. Scheduled Start Time. An employee must be ready to start working at their scheduled shift time to ensure efficient shift change. If an employee has three (3) unexcused late arrivals in a month, disciplinary action may be considered.

f. Shift Changes. Individuals may not leave at the end of the shift until their replacement has arrived or other arrangements have been made with their supervisor. Shift changes take place 5 minutes before or after the hour and these minutes are not included in overtime calculations.

g. Inclement Weather. In the event inclement weather prevents individuals from arriving for their shift, the current shift workers will remain at the data center until appropriate arrangements can be made. Individuals will record actual hours worked and be paid the appropriate rate of pay.

h. Shift differential (10%) applies to the swing and midnight shifts.  A swing or midnight shift working into the day shift will not receive shift differential.

i. Lunch and Breaks. Due to the straight 8 hour schedule, an unpaid lunch break is not provided. Staff may take two 15 minute paid break periods if workload and staffing permit within the 8 hour shift. Employees working through their breaks are not eligible for overtime as this is already paid time.

j. Staffing the Data Center Operations. Due to the mission critical nature of the Data Center, it is essential that the Data Center always be staffed to respond quickly to outages and other system issues. Therefore, assigned shift staff may not leave the UNMC campus during their break times.

    • Computer Operator Exception. The computer operator function provides essential monitoring and response to UNMC/TNMC mission critical systems. Therefore, when only one computer operator is staffing a shift, they may not leave the building in which the data center is located.

ii. Overtime. Overtime will be paid at the appropriate rate of pay for hours beyond an employee’s regularly defined shift.

k. Notification of Absences/Late Arrivals. If a data center shift employee is going to be absent or arrive late, they are responsible for notifying the data center manager or associate director by page at least one hour before their scheduled work time so other staffing arrangements can be made. Failure to follow the work schedule procedures and responsibilities may lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.