Conference Calling

Conference call options

Several options are available for conferencing calling. 

1. 6 or less participants Digital phones can accommodate up to 6 callers Caller initiates call to all participants using the "conference" feature on the phone set. No setup required
2. "Meet Me Conferencing" A 'Virtual' conference is assigned to you, with unique pass codes. All participants call into the "Meet Me Conferencing" Numbers $100 one-time setup required  
3. 7 or more participants Contact the TNMC Communications Center at 559-4000. Setup required for each use.  

"Meet Me Conferencing" is available for a one-time setup of $100.

After your "Meet Me Conferencing" setup is complete you will be assigned access codes enabling you to have a virtual conference room at your disposal. You can have up to 6 callers connected (including the originator) and its a convenient way to conduct meetings while reducing travel both on an off-campus.

Setup Process

  1. Request "Meet Me Conferencing" Capabilities through eServ
  2. Provide Cost Center
  3. Requires one-time setup by ITS Telecommunications


  1. $100 one-time setup fee
  2. No ongoing costs to use.
  3. Each caller assumes their own long distance charges if applicable
  4. Cost of speaker phone if needed (cost varies)


  1. Up to 6 callers, including initiator, can participate
  2. Once setup, no intervention is required by ITS Telecommunications.
  3. The card holder can schedule their "virtual conference room" at any time.

How to Place a "Meet Me Conferencing" Call

  • "Meet Me Conferencing" card holder initiates the meeting by calling 402-552-3500 and enters access and meeting codes (provided after setup)
  • Each caller calls 402-552-3500 and enters the Meeting ID provided by the card holder.